Beyonce Talks Pregnancy Scandal + Why I Think Her Pregnancy Wasn’t Real

Everyone remembers the pregnancy scandal Beyonce faced when her baby bump kinda inflated during an interview. In Beyonce’s “Life’s But A Dream” HBO Documentary, the super-star addresses the rumors. “That a stupid rumor, Its actually the most ridiculous rumor about me.”, Beyonce explains. “I guess there are some crazy celebrities in the world, so I guess we get a bad rep”, she continues. Last night, I was watching E! late night shows and Beyonce’s pregnancy was a topic on ‘Chelsea Lately’. Chelsea made a few great points. Firstly, why would Beyonce address the rumors if they weren’t real? But that’s not just it. In the documentary, Beyonce can be seen rubbing her “pregnant stomach” but her face is chopped out and then Beyonce is shown talking about her stomach, but only her face is shown . . . This is why Beyonce can’t be trusted! What do you guys think!? Check out Beyonce addressing the rumors below!


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