Simon Cowell Wants Lady Gaga For X Factor!

Simon Cowell Wants Lady Gaga For X FactorCurrently, Simon Cowell is searching for Britney Spears’ replacement for the 3rd season of “The X Factor”. With the announcement of Lady Gaga’s cancelled North American show, due to injury, Lady Gaga now has the time that she didn’t have and Simon wants to take full advantage of it. “She has time on her hands, which was once not available. Simon is reaching out to her in full force and looking to do anything he can for her to be a judge”, a source close to Simon tells HollywoodLife. Current “X Factor” judge, Demi Lovato agrees with Simon -when asked who’d she like to see judge the show she answered mother monster. What does this mean for Gaga? Of course the show would give the “Born This Way” singer the spotlight, allowing Gaga to promote her upcoming album, ARTPOP promotion as well as a nice penny! Britney Spears was paid $12 million dollars for her time on the show! Would you guys like to see Lady Gaga on “The X Factor”? Check out Lady Gaga in “Marry The Night” below!


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