Harry Styles Broke Up With Taylor Swift Because She Wouldn’t Give It Up

Harry Styles Broke Up With Taylor Swift Because She Wouldn't Give It Up There have been plenty of rumors on why country/pop singer, Taylor Swift, and One Direction band member, Harry Styles, broke up. But, there’s one rumor that keeps on re-surfacing. According to an insider, close to Harry, Taylor Swift wouldn’t give it up! “In the end, [Harry] is a young guy who likes to party, and [Taylor] is a bit quiet and serious, and they were on different pages when it came to what the romance actually was … Harry is a bit like a kid in a sweets shop. He’s 18, rich, famous, good-looking and single. And he’s really, really interested in girls. And by girls, I do mean older women.”, he told ‘Hollywood Life’. Also, Taylor was very controlling, asking for access to emails, text etc etc. These were all factors leading to the huge argument in the British Virgin Isle that left the two single. It all makes sense, Taylor has been in plenty of relationships that ended wrong, there has to be something wrong with her! The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer, who’s known for writing break-up songs, tweeted, “In the studio . . . Uh Oh!”, last week. She supposedly already wrote 5 songs about Harry! “Uh Oh” sounds about right! Check out Taylor Swift’s music video to “I Knew You Were Trouble” below!


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