Trouble For Kimye: Why Kris Humphries May Be The Baby’s Legal Father!

Why Kris Humphries May Be The Baby's Legal Father!We all know of the on-going trouble that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ 72-day marriage has stirred up. While Kim Kardashian just wants a divorce, Kris Humphries won’t settle for just that, claiming that Kim scammed him for money and fame! Divorce lawyers are going to set a trial date for the ex-married couple on February 15th but with Kris Humphries’ basketball schedule, the earliest the trial date could be scheduled is sometime in early June. Kim K, who is pregnant with boyfriend Kanye West’s first child, is due in June and could possibly have the baby before the trial. Where does trouble come in for Kimye? In the state of California, if Kim has the baby while her and Kris are still legally married, Kris has parental rights over Kanye West to the child! Woah! Things just got complicated. Although there hasn’t been any comments from any of the parties, I’m sure this on-going, fire fueling problem sickens all that are involved! Talk about some baby-momma drama!


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