Usher and Shakira For ‘The Voice’

Usher and Shakira For 'The Voice'For the fourth season of NBC’s ‘The Voice’, judges Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green decided to take a break. Filling their infamous turning chairs for this upcoming season will be Usher and Shakira! Usher and Shakira spoke on their experiences judging thus far and what they look for when looking for the next star. “Once we were in the process of trying to get a contestant recruited for our team, there’s a lot of adrenaline and there’s a lot of tension”, Shakira explained “When I’m giving directions to my contestants, I’m particularly focused on details”, the Colombian singer continued. Taping for the pre-show auditions have already begun, giving the new judges an idea of what the show is like. “My style is more military than anything because I’m all about preparation. My style is to make them understand the seriousness of the craft and thy have the very best opportunity to be the greatest — or the worst — depending on how you take it” , Usher explained. With this season off to a great and very competitive start, it looks like the new judges are fitting right in! Check out the promo for NBC’s ‘The Voice’ below!

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