New Music: Swizz Beatz – “Everyday Birthday” ft. Chris Brown & Ludacris + Teaser

Swizz Beatz teams up with Chris Brown and Ludacris for new song, “Everyday Birthday”. “Everyday Birthday” is a party song featuring Swizz Beatz heavy throbbing beat’s, Chris Browns vocals and Ludacris rapping. “Everyday is your birthday so hit the floor!”, Beatz repeats. A video was filmed to this track in Cannes, France this summer and is expected to debut this Sunday. A 30-second teaser features none other than a huge party. Beatz tells sources, “I was inspired to do a song that people can listen to every day and celebrate life, just have fun. When you wake up, you’re born again so every day is your birthday!!” Check out the new party anthem below!


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