What Baby Gifts Did Rihanna Give To Adele? + Rihanna Tells Adele She “Gotta Stay Sexy”

It looks like everyone’s excited about Adele’s new baby!  Rihanna sent Adele two onesies; one reading, “My mums a rock star” and the second reading, “Just done 9 months inside”. That wasn’t all that Rihanna gave the “Rolling In The Deep” singer. Rihanna also gave Adele lingerie with a note that read, “Gotta stay sexy, yummy mummy. Enjoy yourself! Congrats!!!” According to The Sun, “Rihanna loves Adele and she was one of the first people to congratulate her when she found out that she was pregnant. She thought seriously hard about what to get her as she wanted to make sure no one else would get the same thing. Adele laughed out loud when she saw the words on the babygros — she loves that sort of thing. She can’t wait to show all of her friends” This is exactly why I’m not having any kids until I’m rich and famous so all of my celebrity friends can buy everything . . . birthdays must be the best!I’m currently getting lost in the thought of free expensive things . . .  Welp, Congratulations to Adele!


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