Lady Gaga Raps On Track – “Cake Like Lady Gaga”

thegloss.comA track by DJ Shadow leaked online today called, “Cake Like Lady Gaga” via Lady Gaga’s makeup artist. Its unsure if it’s a track from Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, “ARTPOP” or if it’s just a feature . . . or if it’s even Lady Gaga but it sure is entertaining! The female MC on the track sounds just like Lady Gaga as she brags about all of the riches and royalties that she has, “I roll on that good sh*t, you roll on the Reggie Bush”, maybe referencing yesterday’s headlines of the pop star smoking a joint on stage at her last concert. She also fires shots, at who? I don’t know, maybe another female entertainer, “I’ll mop you all across the floor, snatch your f*ckin weave out b*tch, in front of paparazzi, singing Paparazzi in this b*tch” . . . If it is Lady Gaga, it will be interesting to see where this goes, but until then you can check out the track below!


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