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Kanye West’s Million Dollar Birthday Plans For Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s birthday is just a month away and there are already rumors of what boyfriend/rapper, Kanye West is going to buy her. Reportedly, the rapper has already booked a private island for the couple and close friends to celebrate on without all of the cameras. Also, Kanye has spent over $1 million on designer clothing for his “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” girlfriend. Reportedly, Kim is sad that she’s turning 32 and she has had 2 failed marriages and no children, so Kanye wants to make sure that her day is perfect. We can’t forget the $750,000 Lamborghini Kim bought Kanye back in June for his birthday so we’re excited to see what Kanye West gives her in return. I’m sure that the birthday gift is going to be very nice, very expensive and VERY PUBLIC. What do you guys think Kanye West should get Kim Kardashian?

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1 Comment on Kanye West’s Million Dollar Birthday Plans For Kim Kardashian

  1. great blog 🙂 taking my advice with the questionssssss. Kanye should buy her a life


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