“American Idol” Judges Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj Are Already Fighting!?

Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images (2)  “American Idol” judges, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s egos are getting them into a feud. Supposedly, when producers told Mariah Carey that Nicki Minaj would be co-judging with her, she hung up the phone! Yesterday at New York’s auditions every time Minaj would speak, Mariah Carey would interrupt and conitnue to speak over the “Starships” singer. I wonder what’s the beef with the two singers? Maybe Mariah is still mad over Nicki teaming up with Mariah’s enemy, Eminem. The two teamed up in 2010 on “Pink Friday’s”, “Roman Revenge”; where Minaj slammed Lil Kim and Eminem slams Carey. Whatever it is, it will be interesting watching the two feud over “American Idol’s” next season! Check out Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge” ft Eminem below!



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