Rita Ora Talks About Rihanna Comparisons, Making It In America + Working For Jay-Z

If you haven’t heard of Rita Ora yet . . . you must live under a rock. The Roc Nation singer is Jay-Z’s next big thing. The singer is now notoriously known for her hit single, “Party and Bullsh*t”. The British singer sat down for an, “Unplugged”, interview where she talked about making it in America and working for Jay-Z. The singer is often compared to Rihanna, “Jay found her when she was around the same age,” she said. “I feel like … it’s a huge compliment, really. It doesn’t bother me at all … but I do understand why. We are part of the same family, and our journeys are almost similar. I still just had my first MTV Unplugged, which is like legendary.” Ora continues with her relationship with Jay-Z, ” “Ten minutes after I met Jay, I felt like I had known him for ages,” she said. “He’s such a cool, cool spirit … He’s funny, and he cracks jokes. He’s just like everybody else.” Check Out music video to “Party and Bullsh*t” below!


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