Chris Brown’s Albums Found In London Store With Warning Label, “This Man Beats Women”

twitterChris Brown will always live with the fact that he physically assaulted ex-girlfriend, Rihanna for the rest of his life. Photos surfaced online of Chris Brown’s album, “Fortune”, with a label stating, “Warning! Do not buy this album. This Man Beats Women!”. A rep for the store told E! News, “It would appear a member of the public popped into one of our stores yesterday and stickered a handful of CDs. These were spotted and quickly removed, but, before we could act, the individual concerned must have taken a photo and sent it to the media. To our knowledge there are no further stickers in our stores now.” What do you think about the Chris Brown, Rihanna and the infamous incident? I believe that the world needs to move on; If Rihanna moved on why can’t you!?



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