Tyga To Star And Direct Adult Film Inspired By Hit, “Rack City”

POP CrushRack City . . . Rack, Rack City! Tyga is ready to rack up with his new movie “Rack City – The XXX Movie”. The movie starring and directed by the 22-year old rapper is about a bachelor, played by Tyga, that wakes up in bed with porn star, Skin Diamond. The bachelor doesn’t remember what happened due to partying and revisits the prior nights events . . . “This movie really takes ‘Rack City,’ the song that I made, into the world of triple-X film,” he tells the website. “It’s a real movie that people will enjoy, and I’m proud of it”, Tyga tells the ANC. “A lot of people are gonna be interested in it and of course girls are gonna want to see it,” he continues. Will you be seeing “Rack City – The XXX Movie”?


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