Kim Kardashian Caught In A Threeway . . . Without Kanye!

We all thought Kim Kardashian’s promiscuous past was behind her ever since she started dating rapper, Kanye West. But we thought wrong! Rumors have surfaced that Kim Kardashian had sex with not one, but two porn stars! Julian St. Jox, a popular porn actor claims that Kim Kardashian arrived to a L.A. swingers party in 2001 with her then-husband, Damon Thomas. Everyone was very interested in the young, new face. Looks lead to conversations, drinks, dancing so far and so forth, until Kim, St. Jox and Emily Ann, a fellow porn actress, found there selves in a private room where one thing lead to another. When you think about it, Kardashian rose to fame with the release of the 2007 sex tape with R&B singer, Ray J so this story is no surprise! Hopefully, it doesn’t affect Kim and Kanye’s relationship today!


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