Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweatheart Vs. Deena Twitter Beef

Yes! The two reality television stars are feuding via twitter – not over a guido, not over Jersy Shore drama but over a car! Deena Cortese tweeted a picture of her new BMW to which Sammi “Sweetheart” Gioncola reponded:

 “congrats to @DeenaNicoleMTV for her new car that looks EXACTLY like mine. #cantyougetyourownstyle it’s alright imitation is flattery,” [with a photo of her car].

“lol some people are rediculous! “lol @mtvsammi WOW. lol pretty pretty sure theres 11231 ppl out there with white bmws..does yours have a stripe? red interior? the m package?? OH WAIT! and yours is a 5 series! and mines the new 3 series.. honestly you ranting over twitter bc of a car is pathetic..if you were a real friend youd say my other 2 girls with beamers…here u go side by side.. they arent exactly the same sam.. you being this immature is sad.. grow up! its a car SWE”, Deena responded

This feud seems very stupid! Maybe this is some foreshadowing/speculation/controversy for the sixth season of  “Jersey Shore” due to premiere this fall!



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