X Factor Providence Auditions: How I Got The X Factor!


On Thursday I had the chance to go to the X Factor Providence Auditions and be part of the studio audience. I was very excited to see big names, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears as well as, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid. One of the most epic moments of the show was when the four judges entered and went to their seats.

The 4 hours were really entertaining with some amazing, wacky, weird and dead wrong “auditions”. From what I seen, the X Factor Season 2 Providence Auditions will be very entertaining; consisting of many groups, sob stories, big voices and a teddy bear form Neverland . . . I can surely say that the winner of the second season WILL be from the east coast. Disappointingly, Britney Spears was a very crappy judge, giving no critique and simple comments such as “duh, duh” and I’m sure that shes only judging this season for ratings. Demi Lovato, however was a great judge that gave very helpful tips to all of the auditions. Simon Cowell was well, Simon, very mean, yet truthful in a funny way. Overall, the X Factor Providence Auditions were a great experience. The X Factor Season 2 premieres this fall and is definitively a must see!


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