Is Jennifer Lopes Being Used For Fame/Success By “Under-Cover” Casper Smart?

Jennifer Lopez has been dating her back-up dancer/choreographer for a little while now and news just surfaced that the 25 year old, dancer is gay and just using Jennifer Lopez for  fame and success. For months now, Smart has been busy, making appearances, talk shows and touring with his 42 year old, Most Powerful Celeb (Forbes), Singer/Dancer. Also for months now, Smart’s former friend/fellow dancer, Joshua Ayers, has been dissing and spilling Smart’s business on to the web. A list of angry tweets and  pictures were put on twitter by the “Step Up 3D” dancer:

“@JLevsperJLover @Caspersmart U know casper USED/CHEATED on the Girlfriend who got him on the JLO gig right??He jus usin JLO 4 fame/success.”

“The truth is come out soon. And u gonna feel stupid. Lol.”

The couple’s rep told media this morning, “Casper is not gay. These comment are born from envy and jealousy. It must be a slow news day.”


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