Prego Snooki Rides Through The Shore On Scooter + Her Thoughts On Breast Feeding

Pregnant Snooki ditches the heels and gains a scooter to ride around the Shore with cast members JWoww and Pauly D. Don’t worry the, mother-to-be, wasn’t drunk driving, Snooki lays off the shots and the wine she told “Good Morning Today”.

“All my friends are like ‘You can have a glass of wine’. I’m like ‘No I refuse’ because I am going to be that person who has a glass of wine and it will come out with three legs.”

She also shares her thoughts on breast feeding on the show:

It just looks so painful,” she said. “…But I definitely want to pump, because it has the best nutrients for your baby.” When showed a breast pumped the reality star continues:

“It is kind like your cow, you just milk it”

Do you think Snooki has what it takes to be a good mother? I think Snooki is playing her cards right and you should expect an upcoming show on Snooki, her boyfriend Gionni and the baby!



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