Jersey Shore – First Week Of Filming: Deena Goes To Jail + JWoww In Crutches!?

Woah! The “Jersey Shore” cast knows how to make an entrance! The full cast including mother-to-be, Snooki, moved back to Seaside Heights last week. The cast has started the  partying and drama that fans love. Firstly, Snooki’s sidekick, Deena, was arrested for disorderly conduct last weekend. It is reported that Deena left a bar drunk and alone and danced in the streets until she wouldn’t let a car by. She was then handcuffed and brought to jail by the Seaside Heights Police where she stayed the night. The next morning she was picked up by a very disappointed looking pair of parents. Secondly, the boys of the cast got into a brawl for an unknown reason that left JWoww with a sprained ankle. With three more months of filming, it seems like the sixth season of “Jersey Shore” is on to a great (drama filled) start! The sixth season of “Jersey Shore” premieres this fall.


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