Nicki Minaj Gets Mad at Lady Gaga Comparisons

Minaj sat down with Nightline for an interview on her new album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, when she was asked about her feelings on frequently being compared to Lady Gaga; the head Barb responds:

“Does it offend me, no — irks me, yes, … we are in completely different lanes. First of all, I’m a rapper OK? Fist of all, I’m from Southside Jamaica, Queens. I could say some really crazy lyrics right now but I won’t, Why don’t I turn around the cameras around and ask YOU?”

The interviewer responds with some answers first on the colorful wigs and Nicki quickly snaps back:

“Every female in this game wears wigs.”

“The over-the- top costumes?”

 “Errrrrr, try again,” 

Is Nicki mad she’s being compared to the pop superstar? It seems like it! Check out the interview at the link below!

Nicki Minaj Nightline Interview


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