Jennifer Hudson to Appear at Murder Trial

Jennifer Hudson just recently stepped into the limelight for her showing off her slim body through promotions for Weight Watchers, but today Jennifer Hudson won’t be in the limelight on a positive note. The trial for the man accused of murdering Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew start today. The Grammy Award winner is expected to be in court every day of the trial. Hudson’s presence and the media expected to cover the trial are definitively expected to impact the trial and that’s why the twelve jurors were carefully hand selected out of a pool of 120 people. Hudson is just one of the 300 witnesses, so the trial is sure to drag on for a little while. Someone from Jennifer’s team released the statement:

“Going in and out of the courtroom won’t be fun for her. They look like cannons, some of these cameras, and if you’re going through what she’s about to go through, you can imagine that would rattle her.”

We send out best wishes to Hudson and everyone else who is affected by the murders and hope that the trial goes as smoothly as possible.


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