Nicki Minaj Roman: Reloaded

The Anticipation

With Nicki Minaj’s Sophomore album Roman: Reloaded
releasing in less than a week, people are wondering if Roman will bring as much success as her debut album Pink Friday did. Minaj’s promotional single Stupid Hoe brought her a lot of attention despite having at least 50% more dislikes than likes. Then we cant forget the hell Minaj raised at the 54th Grammy Awards with a full exorcism! Starships, the album’s first single has reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming Minaj’s second Top 10 single. Minaj is singing Turn Me On, hoping that her fans will enjoy the record but will we be turning her off in disappointment?


Roman Reloaded

The wait is over, Nicki Minaj’s Sophomore album, Pink Friday: Romans Reloaded has been released in the U.S. Just a year and a half after Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday, Minaj dropped a 19 track Rap/Pop album. The album opens up with Roman’s Holiday which I believe is the summoning of Minaj’s alter-ego, Roman. The following tracks showcase the rap Nicki we’re accustomed to, they consist of another one of Roman’s creations, Come on a ConeI Am Your Leader ft. Rick Ross and Cam’ron, Roman Reloaded ft. Young Money leader Lil’ Wayne and HOV Lane where Head Barb raps “I’m in the HOV Lane and YOU? Soul Train!”. The albums R&B track, Sex in the Lounge ft Lil’ Wayne and Bobby V sounds like a fail to recreate a R. Kelly song. Starships, the album first single and Minaj’s second Top 10 single starts Reloaded’s pop tracks. Notable tracks consist of Automatic, 2012’s version of Barbie Girl , Beautiful Sinner, Minaj’s successful attempt of recycling Madonna and Fire Burn. Roman closes the album with Stupid Hoe, leaving us with the taste of his Revenge.

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded shows us that Minaj has more then one talent and that she too, can compete with pop icons, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce while remaining the Queen of Hip Hop. Minaj admits that she is addicted to fame and this album will definitively do her justice. The album currently holds the #1 spot on iTunes and two hits on the Billboard’s Hot 100, lets see what other success’ the album brings Nicki Minaj.

Stupid Hoe

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